I love building bespoke applications for business and start-up products.

Over the last 19 years of writing software commercially, I have gained high levels of both technical and managerial skills. I have worked with many different companies from very small start-ups to some of the largest companies in the world to provide them with bespoke solutions that fit their needs. I pride myself on writing high quality, easy-to-use software while working with clients collaboratively and pragmatically.

Bespoke Business Applications

I build quality custom software solutions to help businesses be more efficient by saving them time and money. Example projects might include:

  • Custom online database
  • CRM system
  • Information system
  • Process management tool
  • Back-office system
  • Web app for your customers to use
  • API integration

I work collaboratively with you to understand your needs and the problems you are trying to solve.

Your Start-Up Idea

You have a great new idea and the business accumin to back it up but you need a technical partner to build the first version for you.

This first version or MVP may have different goals. You might need it to secure funding or prove that it is technically feasible.

I've worked in start-ups and agencies and so I understand what it takes to build a successful product.

Relentless focus on what is really needed for launch so we can get the first version shipped as soon as possible.

Supporting Teams

Do you have an existing development team but need some extra help? I enjoy working with teams and can provide:

  • Mentoring
  • Training
  • Accelerated Development
  • Improved Quality
  • Improved Process

I have helped digital agencies and other technology companies when they need to accelerate development or deal with a backlog of work during busy periods.

I try to add as much value as I can to your team and provide as much support as possible.

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Nice things my clients and co-workers have said about working with me.

Here is a small sample of comments I've received about my work. Take a look at the Testimonials page for a wider selection and the quotes in full. I take pride in the work I do for clients and try to add as much value as possible. Building solutions is part of what I do, but working with and supporting others in the team is something I also focus on.

I had the pleasure of working under [Andy] for 3 years. I learnt more from him in that time than I did in my previous 10+ year career in software development.

I would not hesitate to hire Andy again at any time and very much look forward to working with him again.

It's very rare to find talent, experience and patience combined but when they are, they make the best teachers going!

Andy had no trouble getting on with some quite complicated projects with tight deadlines, and single-handedly smashed a large backlog of work.


When building bespoke software it's important to select the right technology

Throughout my development career I have used many different languages and technologies. I am always keeping an eye on the latest developments and will always pick the right tool for the job. Below are some of the tools I use for client work and my own projects.

Ruby on Rails








JavaScript ES6




PR Workflow


I'm available for hire!
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Some of the companies I've worked with over the years


SRUG founder

I founded the Surrey Rubyist User Group in 2011. It's now run by the awesome @johnbeynon.

If you are a Rubyist and live in or near Surrey, come check it out.


I have given talks at:

If you would like me to speak at your conference, please get in touch.

Open Source

I created Rectify for improved Rails apps with a focus on maintainability.

I have also contributed to a number of Open Source projects including CanCanCan and NancyFx.


I coached at RailsGirls London weekends and also their weekly meetups (when they ran).

I love mentoring and am looking forward to the next opportunity I have to do some more.

I'm available for hire!
Let's talk about your project