Ruby on Rails

For web applications my technology of choice is Ruby on Rails.

I write code using Test Driven Development.

I strive for clean, simple to understand and easy to change software.

Nice things people have said


SRUG founder

I founded the Surrey Rubyist User Group in 2011. It's now run by the awesome @johnbeynon.

If you are a Rubyist and live in or near Surrey, come check it out.


I attend conferences as often as I can and was lucky enough to speak at Brighton Ruby Conf in 2014 on the subject of TDD.

Here's a nice review of my talk and here are my slides.

Open Source

I have contributed to a number of Open Source projects including CanCanCan and NancyFx.

I also created Ruby Videos to showcase great Ruby talks and Nala for class publish/subscribe.


I have coached at a RailsGirls London weekend in 2015 and also during their weekly meetups.

I love mentoring and am looking forward to the next oppertunity I have to do some more.